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5 Things To Be Aware Of When Dealing With A Atlanta Probate Property

5 Things To Be Aware Of When Dealing With A Atlanta Probate Property

Dealing with probate can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially after dealing with the loss of a loved one. In this post, we offer five things you should be aware of when dealing with a house in probate.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the process that occurs after someone passes away to pay off debts and to pass on inheritances to the heirs. While the laws vary from state to state, there are some general things you can expect no matter where the property is located. To become the legal owner of a home after someone passes away, you may be required to go through the probate process. When a will is present, an executor will already be assigned. However, if there isn’t a will, the courts will assign an executor to facilitate the process.

The Will Needs To Be Proven Valid

When someone passes away, the court will need to be notified to open a probate case. The will must be provided, along with documentation proving that it is valid. A few requirements of a valid will include the intent, the legal age of 18 when signed, and that two witnesses were present to observe the signature and the date in which it was signed. The will needs to be created voluntarily, by someone who is of sound mind to do so in order to be considered legal with the courts.

You Will Need To Notify Creditors and Heirs

After your loved one passes away, you will need to notify all creditors and potential heirs that you are opening a probate case. In some instances, you may even need to put a notice in the paper. You will need to use the estate to pay off all valid debts such as credit cards and personal loans. And don’t forget about Uncle Sam. When handling probate, you’ll need to file tax returns for the deceased and address any inheritance taxes that are due.

You’ll Need To Take Inventory Of The Entire Estate

In addition to real estate, the courts will need to know about other investments such as stocks, bonds, cards, deeds, bank accounts, or any other high-value items. These items will be taken into account when paying off debts from entitled creditors as well as when assets are distributed between beneficiaries. For this part of the process, it is a good idea to work with a probate attorney to ensure everything is properly discovered and accurately recorded.

The Process Can Be Time Consuming

If you are responsible as the executor of the estate, you may find yourself dealing with paperwork, phone calls, and court hearings that can take up a good amount of time. When a will is present, things will typically move along faster than if one wasn’t. Having a will puts a plan in place leaving little to be decided by the courts. Some probate cases can be wrapped up in a matter of months, while others can take a couple of years to be completed. Having everything together ahead of time will make the process go much more smoothly.

You Can Sell The Property While In Probate

A quick and easy solution for a house in probate is to simply sell it. If the estate is intestate, meaning no will is present, the house will need to be sold through the probate courts, which is a highly regulated process. There are court fees and specific processes that must be followed. These processes vary from state to state.

However, if an estate is testate, meaning there is a will present, the executor will be able to petition the courts to sell the property on their own. This is ideal for those who want to avoid court costs while retaining more control of the process. For those who want to save even more money, quickly selling your inherited property to a professional buyer who is familiar with the probate process may be the best way to go. When you work with Fresh Start Home Sales, you won’t have any of the expenses you will likely incur when working with a Atlanta real estate agent. For example, you won’t be faced with commissions, repair costs, or marketing expenses.

In some cases, heirs can be surprised by property left to them in a will. They may not want to keep it or be financially prepared to do so. When the latter is the case, spending money on repairs, upgrades, and other listing costs will likely be out of the question. By selling their inherited Atlanta house directly, they’ll be able to quickly sell, pay off debts and divide the sale proceeds amongst the heirs as laid out by the court.

Before you think about selling your inherited property in Atlanta , make sure you have the authority to do so.

Let us help you with your Atlanta probate property! Reach out to us today for more information! 678-337-1165

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7 Tips For Putting Together an Offer For a Snellville House

6 Tips For Putting Together an Offer For a Snellville House

Finding the perfect house in Snellville Georgia is a big enough job. Congratulations on starting by educating yourself about the process and how to make the process go much more smoothly. Future home buyers first start looking at all the pretty homes on the market through various online portals. Looking at homes is a fun past time but when you are ready to get a home in Snellville Ga. there is a winning strategy that will get you to the top of the pack and buying your dream home. You want to give yourself the best chance of getting your offer accepted. These seven strategies will go a long way to helping you.

1. Get Pre-Approved But Be Careful image of a house in Gwinnett County, Georgia

The number #1 reason for home buyers missing out on their dream home is they don’t get Approved first before they go out to buy a home. Putting together an offer for a Snellville, Ga. house begins long before you even begin house hunting. Before you even start looking at listings, you need to figure out how much house you can afford and then get pre-approved. With pre-approval, you will be seen by sellers as a serious buyer who will have the money to complete a successful closing.

“So before you hit the streets, get a pre-approval letter from one or more lenders, not a pre-qualification letter. A pre-approval letter confirms that you’ll be able to borrow X amount based on that lender’s evaluation of your credit score, assets and income.” Remember, pre-qualification simply means a lender has provided an estimate of what you can borrow – it’s not a commitment to loan you a certain amount as with pre-approval. The pre-approval process takes a little more effort and time, but it’s definitely worth it.

But just because you can borrow a certain amount (as shown by your pre-approval letter) doesn’t mean that you should borrow that much. In fact, real estate pros point out, savvy “sellers and agents get nervous when buyers bid the full pre-approval amount.” This is because if something happens along the way, say, interest rates go up, you may no longer qualify for that amount.

2. Research Market and Seller

two women talking ovreal estate transaction Another important preliminary step in putting together an offer for a Snellville house is researching both the market and the seller. You need to know what similar homes in the neighborhood are and have been selling for. Otherwise, you may offer too much or make a lowball offer that gets rejected out of hand. Your local real estate agent can be a great asset here by performing a comparative market analysis. (To find out more about this, call 678-337-1165.)

You should also do some digging to find out as much as you can about the seller and her motivations for selling. “For example, you might learn that the seller is being relocated and needs a quick closing – faster than other buyers are willing to accept. Or, you might learn that the seller hasn’t yet found a home and may want to delay closing. Armed with this information, you can craft a more tempting offer than your rivals for the same price (or less).”

3. Determine a Price

a lady holding a clipboard calculating the price of the home in snellville ga

Having done the first two things, you can set about determining your price – or, rather, your opening bid. Your offer will include your offer price, but that price will typically be below the seller’s list price. And the negotiations process begins.

Your agent will have helped you figure out the fair market value of the house by performing a comparative market analysis (CMA) and whether the list price is low or high or in the middle. Then, on the basis of that and several other factors, you can set your offer price. These other factors include such things as:

  • How long the house has been on the market
  • How fast the seller needs to close
  • Whether the market favors buyers or sellers
  • Whether the seller has received other offers

4. Present Yourself as a Serious Buyer

a family showing affection to illustrate they are ready to buy a homeIf you appear to be a serious buyer, then your offer will be all the more compelling. We’ve already touched on getting pre-approved, but there’s even more you can do to present yourself as a serious buyer.

One of the most effective strategies here is to make a substantial earnest money deposit (EMD), typically 1% to 3% of the sale price. This is genuine evidence for a seller that you are indeed serious about buying the house. And if the sale goes through, the EMD will be applied to payment at closing. Just be aware that if you back out of the deal, you may lose that EMD – unless you have a clause in the offer the provides for this contingency.

5. Use Contingencies Strategically

a young man thinkingSpeaking of contingencies, be careful how much you request in the offer and use them strategically. Contingencies are “provisions that must be met before the transaction can go through, or the buyer is entitled to walk away from the deal with their EMD.” For example, when putting together an offer for a Snellville house, you may have a home inspection contingency, which is pretty common. Such a contingency states that if the inspection turns up problems, the buyer can back out of the deal. A more common outcome, though, is that the seller agrees to make the repairs or reduce the price.

Contingencies are a good idea as a way to protect you as the buyer. But you do need to remember to look at the bigger picture, to see the whole forest and not just individual trees. You shouldn’t, for example, let a $500 repair make you lose out on a great deal. In addition, while “contingencies can offer protection to buyers, they can also make offers less appealing to the seller because they give buyers legal ways to back out of the sale without any financial repercussions. So, if you’re going up against multiple offers, making an offer with fewer contingencies can potentially give you an edge over the competition.”

6. Listen to Your Agent

a woman being instructed by a man to illustrate the finer points of buy a houseUltimately, in putting together an offer for a Snellville house, you as the buyer will decide what your offer will be. You have the final say because you’re forking over the money. But if you rely on yourself alone, you may not make a good offer owing to inexperience and emotions clouding your judgment. Your agent, however, and help you look at things objectively, help you craft a winning offer, and assist you in getting the deal that’s best for you.

  1. A Little-Known Strategy For Advanced Serious Home Buyers

family thinking about buying a house in snellville ga. You won’t hear many agents tell you about this strategy they mainly keep it to themselves and their families. When a homeowner puts a home on the market, they all want it to sell Now for the highest price. If the weekend passes without an offer they get nervous what if my house won’t sell, did I choose the right agent, what can I do?  Smart agents know that the best time to show homes in Monday or Tuesday. The competition is a lot less most people cannot take the day off during the week and evenings are filled with life and family activities.  Make a strong offer, get to take the house off the market before the masses sees it on the weekends.

Snellville Georgia is a great place to live. The population is only about 19,000 which is not too big for you to experience the Georgia charm. You will experience the feel of a small town without it being too small. They are many large area parks and you will find a farmer’s market across from the city hall during the months April/May through August. Snellville also has movie nights on the lawn a great choice for the whole family. After movie night head over to the many restaurants found all over Snellville. Snellville is located about 25 miles from Atlanta.signing a contract to buy a house in Snellville ga.

Find out how our agents can help put together an offer for your new Snellville house. Contact us today at 678-337-1165.

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5 Signs of a Great Deal When Buying A House in Snellville

5 Signs of a Great Deal When Buying A House in Snellville

On any big-ticket purchase, you (naturally) want to get the best deal you can. Since buying a house will likely be the largest purchase of your life, you will especially want to ensure you’re getting a good deal. But that can be difficult to do because buying a house is such a complex transaction. And to further complicate matters, a large part of getting a good deal on a house involves the resale value. To help you out, then, here are 5 signs of a great deal when buying a house in Snellville .

1. Favorable Comparative Market Analysis

the same home put side by side to illustrate the different prices in the market of different homesFirst, determine whether you’re getting a great deal when buying a Snellville house, you’ll need to find out how the asking price stacks up against the fair market value. “It’s impossible,” according to the experts, “to truly know whether you’re getting a good price on your particular home without checking the recent ‘comps,’ real estate shorthand for comparable sales. Most major real estate websites will surface recent sales prices of similar, nearby homes when you enter an address; buyer’s agents also often offer comparable sales data.”

A comparative market analysis (which is what “comps” refers to) involves a close examination and comparison of comparable homes in the immediate area that have recently sold. The sale prices of those very similar houses will give you a good idea of the fair market value of the house you’re interested in. And if the house is listed below that value (and without any major problems), then you are very likely getting a great deal when buying that Snellville house.

Your local real estate agent is trained to perform a thorough and accurate comparative market analysis. You could do it yourself, but theres just no room for error at this crucial step. Find out more by calling 678-337-1165.

2. Good Price-to-Sale Ratio

Another sign of a great deal when buying a house in Snellville is a good price-to-sale ratio. “One measure of a good deal is how much of a discount you were able to negotiate off the list price – especially relative what negotiating power is typical for buyers in youractress/model that are similar ages of buyes in snellville georgia area.” To calculate this price-to-sale ratio, you simply divide the house’s list price by the sale price (what you actually paid or will pay for it). The higher this ratio turns out to be, the better deal you got or will get. Again, your agent can be a great help here.

3. Ship-Shape Mechanical Systems

One very important thing to keep in mind is that even if you negotiate the price of the house down, you probably didn’t get a good deal if all the mechanical systems are not in good working order. An important ingredient in a great deal is how much you will wind up having to pay or not pay for repairs and upgrades. And certainly, less-than-optimal mechanical systems will affect resale value, which is another ingredient in a good deal.

Heres what those in the know recommend: “Your inspector can give you a rundown of your future home’s health, but keep a close eye on the roof, water heater, HVAC system, windows, and foundation. Pay attention to the plumbing and electrical, too. A problem with any one of these major systems can require a costly repair – and take a bite out of your payday.” You want all of these systems and their components to be new or at least in very good shape.

4. Quality Neighborhood and Schools

models illustrating mother and child who are similar to home buyers in snellville georgia The surrounding area and especially the neighborhood also play a major role in whether you’re getting a great deal when buying a Snellville house. The neighborhood is where you will do your living, so it should be a good one. And, typically, that means good neighbors, walkability, plenty of close-by amenities, and, especially, increasing home values.

A great deal on a house also includes great schools. This is important even if you don’t have any school-aged children. Most of the time, good schools indicate a good, desirable area where the property will not decrease and will likely increase in value. And that means your house will fetch a good price if you ever decide to sell. Just make sure the property is actually within the advertised good school district. Your agent can help you out here.

5. Affordability

This may seem painfully obvious, but many people overlook it in all the excitement: the house must also be affordable. No matter how great a deal you’re getting on a Snellville house, if you can’t afford the monthly mortgage payments, it’s not a good deal for you. “Ultimately, you can negotiate an amazing price and get all sorts of incentives thrown in, but if you are overextending yourself beyond the bounds of your personal budget, then even the best deal is just not a good deal.” So make sure, before you begin house hunting, exactly what you can afford and exactly where your financial boundaries lie.

Yes, you definitely can get a great deal when buying a house in Snellville . But you have to know what to look for and do some digging along with some mighty persuasive negotiating. Most of the time, then, most people are far better off with the help of an experienced local real estate agent.

Find out how our agents can help you toward a great deal on a Snellville house. Contact us today! 678-337-1165


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4 Ways To Know You’ve Found The Right House In Snellville

4 Ways To Know You've Found The Right House In Snellville

Are you  buying a first house or upgrading to a bigger and better house, a certain amount of caution is the best way to gos in order. No matter what the situation is, buying a house is a huge investment and usually a long-term financial commitment. That means you want to make sure you’re buying the right house. And knowing how to know you’re making the right choice will go a long way toward cutting down the stress and second guessing. So be sure to check out these 4 signs that you’ve found the right house in Snellville .

1. Good Budget Fit

A home should be a place of refuge and comfort and safety – a place you can let your hair down and completely relax. But it won’t be if you’re always stressing about making the next mortgage payment and paying the property taxes. If a Snellville house doesn’t suit your budget, then it’s probably not the right house for you.

Heres what industry experts recommend: “You’ll need to sit down with a real estate agent or a mortgage broker before you start looking for homes, and sort through your finances to determine how much you can afford to offer as a down payment, and how much debt you’re comfortable being in and can realistically afford to pay back. . . . Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you should never put yourself in a position where you’re going to struggle to make ends meet every month.”

You can also use one of the many online mortgage calculators to see if a house fits your budget. Or you can call 678-337-1165 to get the expert help of a local real estate agent.

2. No Interest in Other Homes and Excitement in This One

family thinking about buying a house in snellville ga.Sure, choosing the right house in Snellville will be primarily an intellectual exercise, but your emotions will play a part too. So, as they say, be sure to trust your gut (or heart).

A good way, then, to be fairly sure you’ve found the right house in Snellville is when you don’t have any desire to see other houses. Much like falling in love, it’s a good indication you’ve found the right one when you don’t have any interest in others.

In addition, this just may be the right Snellville if entering gets you excited and that thrill doesn’t diminish after several visits. The chemistry’s right when you are excited about making the house your home and can envision all your stuff and your family set up in the house. Love at first sight is a thing – you just have to make sure it’s genuine love and not powerful infatuation.

3. Meets Your Must-Haves

image of a house in Gwinnett County, GeorgiaAs anyone in the real estate business will tell you, it’s a good idea to have a thorough list of your must-have features and your mere like-to-have features. When you can go down the list and tick off all the must-haves, you may have found the right house in Snellville . It is a very good sign if a house avoids all your deal-breakers and has all your non-negotiables.  The pros say that although “you should always be willing to compromise when you’re house hunting, remember that a property that doesn’t fit your basic needs might not be the right fit.”

4. Rightness for Today and Tomorrow

And keep in mind, too, that your life and your needs now will very likely be quite different from your life in a few years or even a few months. So be sure the rightness of the house exists both for today and for the future.

The first thing to look at will be the neighborhood because that ideal home doesn’t exist in a vacuum or in isolation. Are you happy with the surrounding area and people now, and will they suit you in five years? For you are, the experts maintain, not just investing in a house, but you are also investing in the neighborhood.

Typically, people spend at least a few years in a home, so the right Snellville house “is going to meet all your expectations for today and tomorrow. . . . [M]ake sure that any home you’re thinking of purchasing is a good fit for the life you envision having. Is there a spare room for any kids you’re thinking of having? If you’re planning to launch your own business or spend more time working from home, is there somewhere you can turn into an office space?”

Bonus: Agent Agreement

As we mentioned finding that right house in Snellville is much like falling in love. But like falling in love with a person, it’s far too easy to overlook the cons when you’re focused on the pros – which is a recipe for sure disaster. But a good local real estate agent can help you avoid making such a long-lasting mistake.  A knowledgeable local agent can help find the house that’s just right for you.

Find out how our experienced agents can help you purchase the right house that best meets your needs. Contact us today! 678-337-1165

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6 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know About Purchasing A House In Atlanta

6 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know About Purchasing A House In Atlanta

You’ve thought about it and talked about it and finally made your decision: purchasing a new house is one the horizon for you and your family. But is it the right move for you? Buying a house, after all, is a huge, long-term financial commitment. If you go into it armed with a little knowledge, though, you can be fairly certain you’re making the right decision. To that end, here are 6 things every home buyer should know about purchasing a house in Atlanta .

1. Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs

Before purchasing a house in Atlanta , one of the first things you should do, according to financial experts, is to get clear on what you want and what you actually need. “Before you even think about hitting an open house, you need to know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you may find yourself falling in love with something impractical or, worse, sweet-talked by an agent into placing an offer on a home that doesn’t fit your needs.”

A good way to proceed here is by making a double-columned list with your wants (the negotiables) one side and your needs (the non-negotiables) on the other. One column will contain all the things you have to have in a house, and the other column will list all those things that you can live without even though you want them. For example, you probably do need three bedrooms, but do you really need that huge master suite.

There is, of course, no perfect house. Your agent, though, can help you find the very best compromise between wants and needs. (To find out more, just call 678-337-1165.)

2. Getting the Process Right

Purchasing a house in Atlanta also entails a definite process that must be approached in an organized, step-by-step manner. Following the established steps will make everything go a lot smoother.

  • Your first step should be to shop for a lender and financing. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan is important here. For it will show sellers that you are a serious buyer and will give you more negotiating leverage.
  • Next, you should find and retain an experienced local real estate agent. A good agent can help locate all the likely listings and then bring her negotiating experience to bear to help you get a better deal. The time savings alone is worth the agent’s commission.
  • The step in this process involves making an offer and then all that comes after – which often means making another offer to counter the seller’s counteroffer and/or negotiating concessions.
  • Typically, the final step before closing is the inspection (unless the inspection turns up major problems).
  • If the inspection reveals major issues, then you’re back to the offer/negotiating stage. And in this case, it’s wise to lean on your agent’s expertise.

3. Understanding All the Costs

The cost of purchasing a house in Atlanta goes well beyond the list price. This is something home buyers often forget in all the excitement and then wind up with a home that costs more than they can actually afford.

Homebuyers should, the experts say, “walk into ownership with eyes wide open. That means factoring in all the costs associated with having a place of your own.” And these costs include the following above and beyond the monthly mortgage payment:

  • Property taxes
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Private mortgage insurance
  • Utilities
  • Cost of maintenance/repairs
  • HOA fees
  • Closing costs

4. Buying What You Can Actually Afford

Similarly, affordability (which is slightly different from understanding all the costs) has to be factored into your purchasing decision. So in purchasing a house in Atlanta , you have to determine what you can really afford by looking at all the contingencies.

This means, for example, taking a close and objective look at your job outlook. Is your job secure, or is there the possibility that you could become a victim of outsourcing or automation? And if you were suddenly unemployed, could you keep making those big mortgage payments for several months till you found another job? These are the kinds of things you need to take into account when determining affordability.

Here’s a concrete example from a writer who’s been there. “When my husband and I bought our first house, we were approved for a mortgage of about three times more than we ultimately ended up spending. Fresh out of law school and working for established firms, our finances looked good on paper. But we dialed back our expectations because we weren’t convinced that our income and expenses would remain at those levels. We were right: two years later, we started our own business just as the economy turned south. The less expensive house meant that we could still make our payments even with less income in pocket.”

5. Buying for Your Future Life

One thing that’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a house in Atlanta is that you should be buying a home that will suit your future life. Things change, and your current life situation may not last long. And if that happens, the home you bought for your life now may not be suitable in a few months.

For example, your family may be just the two of you right now, but will you have enough bedrooms when children come along. Or if you don’t plan to stay in the house for many years, will the price tag allow you to build some equity before you sell? “Depending on the market and terms of your mortgage.” according to industry pros, “you may not actually pay down any real equity for between five and seven years: if you aren’t sure that your house will be the house for you in a few years, you may want to keep looking.”

6. Hiring the Right Agent

Of all the things Atlanta home buyers should know about purchasing a house, this one very well could be the most important – that is, that you should make sure you hire the right real estate agent. A knowledgeable local agent can help find the house that’s just right for you, protect you against shady dealings, and help you get a better price. Ultimately, it pays to hire a good agent.

Find out how our experienced agents can help you purchase a house that best meets your needs and within your price range. Contact us today! 678-337-1165

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